How does our Freedom Friends Tour work?

This tour specializes in creating a memorable experience for everyone in the group; we don’t book any winery stops until we pick you up. At the beginning of every tour, our guides will review how we work, the varieties of wine you’re looking for and the style of wineries you would like to tour. Once we have gotten a feel for our customer’s needs, then we create a personalized wine tour for you.

What happens if some people in the tour want to go to different wineries? We can split groups up to accommodate this. This can also allow for visits to the smaller wineries that can only take up to 4 people at a time. Please visit our Tours page.

How does our Private Tour work?

This tour is great if you would like to tour with just your family and friends. We will ask you which wineries you would like to visit and pick you up at any location in our touring area. We will then book your tastings for you. Please keep in mind that we usually need at least a week to create a private tour for you and you may need to pre-pay for tasting fees depending on the wineries requested. We also specialize in corporate events and shuttle services for all types of events. Contact us for more details.

What types of vehicles do we use?

We use a 14 passenger Ford Transit van for all of our tours. The high roof and extended back make our tours very comfortable and spacious, with great views of the awesome Okanagan scenery. Our vans are cleaned and inspected daily and our class 4 drivers are experienced, safe and know the best routes to the wineries we tour.

What do we do with your wine purchases?

Our guides will label, organize and store all of your wine purchases throughout the day. Our Transit vans have ample space in the back for wine boxes and anything else you may decide to purchase on your tour.

Are the weekends the best time to do wine tours?

Weekends are definitely the most popular time to do wine touring but weekdays tend to have less traffic that can sometimes make for a more personal experience with the wineries.

Which months of the year do we run our tours?

Freedom Wine Tours is open for the South Okanagan wine season from April 15th – October 15th.

What should you bring?

It’s always a good idea to bring your favourite thermos or bottle of water for your tour, as it can get very hot in the Okanagan. Keep in mind that most wineries will have fill-up stations so you don’t have to purchase any bottled water on your tour.
We have on board coolers to keep lunches and snacks cool and to store any perishable purchases you might make.

Do we allow Children?

Yes we do. We are happy to offer a child friendly experience on all of our private tours.

How do tasting fees work?

Tasting fees in the South Okanagan will normally range from free to $5. Keep in mind that most wineries that charge a fee will refund it when a bottle is purchased. The Naramata region ranges from $5-$10 for tasting fees.

Tasting fees charged by the wineries are an additional expense and are not included in the rates posted for tours. On private tours, tasting fees may need to be paid in advance of your tour depending on the winery requested. Please ask for clarification if needed. Tasting fees can change without notice.

Do we do Stagettes?

Yes we do! Please contact us for more information.

Which methods of payment do we accept?

We accept credit, debit, email transfer and cash.